Month: September 2019

How economics can take advantage of or develop on the basis of ethics?

The addition of ethics on economics The bankrupt term is becoming common these days and people are afraid of investing their hard earnings in the bank. The bank critics popularize this statement among the people and hence few communities of people are deviating from the concepts of investing their valuable savings in fear of losing Continue Reading

Will the dream of ethical economics be accomplished?

Interesting facts on the fascinating relationship between ethics and economics We can witness an impregnable growth in the debates on the application of ethical values on economics. Many agree with it and few don’t. This is due to the profit margins held in the market which and this margin is considered unfair or immoral by Continue Reading

How to enforce ethics in applications of economics?

What is the cause behind enforcing laws of ethics on economics? The idea of nourishing economics with ethics is written in a so-called book “Economics as applied ethics” by Wilfred Beckerman. The book revolves around the problems and debates that are a concern for the economic world and the book is also equipped with the Continue Reading