J-Ethinomics Team

The relationship of ethics with public and applied economics

What are applied economics and ethics-related to it? The new branch of applied economics is standing on strong pillars or foundation of the general ethics and principles that relate it with the virtues and values of the people. Many people believe in equal distribution of income and profit while some think that income depends on Continue Reading

The diverse nature and classification of the writing industry

Writing is an art to communicate deliberately with words Writing is one of the oldest traditions of conveying and communicating with people. The ancient people used their native languages and scripted them on walls to transfer significant information about variant causes like medicinal tips, and surgical procedures that can help to prevent and cure any Continue Reading

How economics can take advantage of or develop on the basis of ethics?

The addition of ethics on economics The bankrupt term is becoming common these days and people are afraid of investing their hard earnings in the bank. The bank critics popularize this statement among the people and hence few communities of people are deviating from the concepts of investing their valuable savings in fear of losing Continue Reading