It has always been a hot topic as to whether the bloggers are reckoned as journalists in today’s information and digital world. The modern technology has aided everyone in such a way that it has made an easy entry to the internet and the basic knowledge for blogging to share the information with the world. This has resulted in the variability in the standards of posts or blogs especially from those writers with no background in journalism.

It is good that we can present our point of view in the way we like, but one must also take care to have some structured form by aligning the Journalism Fundamentals. The blog should be beneficial for the readers and us so that they take our words seriously and also as the way it is presented to the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that need to be considered for Blogging

Leads and the Headlines to draw the reader’s attention

The main point of blogging is that the most important and interesting information must always be ranked at the top. This is to help the readers to understand your post at the earliest. This will also be the marking point as they will want to carry on with the post or not. The next most important and the interesting point of your post should be presented in the next portion or paragraph, and then followed accordingly.

Leads and the Headlines are the most important line that will help in drawing your reader’s attention. It should be catchy, compelling and engaging and should make the readers curious to check out for more.

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Brevity and Clarity to make the blog readable

Never drag your story. What is the use of stretching something which becomes uninteresting after some line? It is a waste of time and energy. Make sure you keep it to the point and make it simple and readable. The paragraphs must be brief and the sentence must be short. Make sure there is no repetition or repetitive words or sentences. The language must be simple and must suit readers of all types.

Distinguish Opinions from Facts

The opinions and the facts have a very thin line in-between. So if you present your assumptions and opinions as facts and preset it to the world, you are more likely to lose you, knowledgeable readers. It is also wrong to mislead your readers and you may face a severe consequence.

Editing and Re-Writing
Good content can be achieved only after reading it twice or more, editing and re-writing it. This way you will know your mistakes and in the end, produce a good article or blog.

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