What are incredible data journalism blogs

Blogging is the age-old ploy, which has been very smartly used by the journalists on the Web to give voice to their ideas or opinions. Though the blogs face tough competition from Social Networks, it still has managed to create its way in the hearts of readers. There are amazing data journalism blogs available on the internet and some of the best data blogs are as follows:

Best Data Blogs to follow

  • Dear Data

Every week, Giorgina and Stefanie measure and track daily activities. They make use of this data and try their creativity to visualize it. A paper which is the size of the postcard is used by these two people and they draw on it. They drop it on the mailbox and send it to each other. The authors make these handmade visualizations which are very rare to witness these days.

  • Flowing Data

It is another handmade blog, but the focus is more on digital data journalism. It was created by Nathan Yau and explores how the designers, statisticians, data scientists, and much other analysis, visualize and explore to understand the data. It also has a complete blog recommendation lists.

  • The Online Journalism Blog

The Online Journalism is known to publish analysis, comments and links that cover online news, journalism, citizen journalism, data journalism, vlogging, blogging, podcasts, photoblogging, vodcasts, publishing, interactive storytelling, user-generated content, computer-assisted reporting, searching and all the other internet things. It presents a complete view of the internet industry.

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  • The Functional Art

The Functional Art was created by Alberto Cairo. He blogs about tricks, tips, and advice on how the visualization can be created. This is considered as the best guide for data visualization.

  • Data Counts

Data Counts popularly known as the La Data Cuenta and is created by Hassel Fallas. Her blog mainly focuses on database analyzing for deep research and to develop public interest news reports. She also publishes a complete overview of the resource collections and interesting information regarding data journalism.

  • The Guardian Data Blog

There are many data blogs on the internet and the one that stands out from other blogs is the Guardian Data Blog. It was created in the year 2011 and still works at a high success rate to date. It presents a real example of how the world’s biggest newspaper uses data as another journalism form.

  • School of Data

School of Data is from an organization in which they post and share tips, events, tutorial videos, and other interesting resources. It is an online school for beginners to develop their skills in journalism.

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