What is the cause behind enforcing laws of ethics on economics?

The idea of nourishing economics with ethics is written in a so-called book “Economics as applied ethics” by Wilfred Beckerman. The book revolves around the problems and debates that are a concern for the economic world and the book is also equipped with the solutions for the problem. Let us highlight some of the notable and paramount factors written in the book.

Beckerman says that people have to be given the freedom to buy the medicines without recommending a doctor’s prescription this is to strain the equal income distribution. One should be enforced on the moral limits in the market among the diversities of the product distribution. He also added that policies should be designed in such a way that people must be happy rather than focusing on financial benefits.

Beckerman also traced out some of the essential concepts of the market and its effect on economics. Understanding economics would never complete without having a rough idea about subjects like,

  • Sociology
  • history
  • politics
  • And other essential financial disciplines.

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Analyzing and organizing the relationship between ethics and economics

The book ethics of economics is not written with a general relationship between ethical values and concepts of economics. The book contains a certain degree of organization between questions and relating them with ethical value judgments.

The valued judgments come into shine in economics due to its strong connectivity with the welfare of the people. The welfare is a term that is most likely connected to society. The society also plays a significant role in understanding the economic market and shaping it for the future. Indeed various factors can help in a better understanding of the economic and financial markets.

Few factors of welfare that designate the interest of people from society

Many experts think that the welfare of a society or a person is dependent on the products they buy from a market. Due to the nourishing from the psychological studies, the above theory is mentioned that the welfare of society is not dependent on the products they buy but the paternalistic policy which a society frames makes the welfare.

There are a lot of limitations in a society which will make it difficult for even distribution of income among all the people residing in a society.

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