It is a fact known far and wide that Current Affairs in UPSC are prevalent. The IAS prelims, mains, and interview stages are peppered with these questions. To help civil services aspirants, we explore 3 recent current affairs in journalism in this writeup.

  • Priyanka Dubey, a BBC correspondent, was awarded the Chameli Devi Jain Outstanding Woman Journalist for the year 2018. The honour is given to a female journalist who contributes to the field via a sustained body of work while maintaining superior standards. Priyanka, a bilingual journalist, was presented the award for her interrogative and multi-faceted reporting.
  • Devi Jain was a freedom fighter, and follower of Gandhi and the award is named after her.
  • The Press Council of India announced that their new chairman is CK Prasad. This is his second term, and it gained approval from a 3-member committee spearheaded by Venkaiah Naidu, the VP. The former Supreme Court Judge’s first term started in 2014 where he succeeded Justice Markanday Katju.
  • The Press Council Act of 1978, the PCI is a statutory body that keeps oversight upon print media. The Press Council of India has 28 members. The Chairman presides over them. The Chairman is generally a retired Supreme Court judge.

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The rest 28 members consist of:

  • Five representatives of the two Houses of Parliament
  • Three cultural, legal and literary sector representatives
  • Twenty press representatives
  • Under the new Global News Initiative, Google has chosen ten Indian news firms. A total of 87 companies were picked spanning over twenty nations. They are:
  • Factly
  • Asianet News Media and Entertainment
  • NDTV
  • India Today
  • Bharatiya Digital Party
  • Nyooz
  • Video Volunteers

Each will be provided funds to explore video capabilities in journalism so that they can reach the younger millennial consumer in the format of their choice.

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