Journalism and Games are closely related. It sure has a completely different background but the idea is the same. It makes sure their audiences are hooked in and to encourage their audience to invite and participate. One simply cannot expect its audience to involve just by making them see how others are involved in. for instance, you simply cannot read a newspaper by looking at some 10-20 people reading it. You will be interested only if you are involved or inspired by it.

How to Involve Your Audience?

So the big question lays here is how can they let their audience involve. The answer is very simple. Just like how the game involves its players in the field and encourages it, similarly, the journalist must engage its audience in their news. One cannot write pages of news content and expect it to reach the people. The moment they see its unattractiveness, they lose and lookout for something else. To get your audience fixed to your news, you must engage them. You can ask their solutions, opinions, related questions or anything related. This way, your audiences are interested and they feel accepted and involved.

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Present the subject in a different angle

After a certain point of time, news or games becomes boring. So what does the gamer does at this time? Well, he creates a new level or brings little changes and challenges to the same old level. What a gamer does is he presents the game in a different way and angle. The audience is immediately attracted to its new look and angle. It is the same with the news. All you have to do is present the news from a different angle but one must make sure the fact remains the same.

It needs experience. A game designer brings out the best game only after he had struggled and work hard on it. It is the same with journalists. Unless you don’t work hard or put your full effort into it, you cannot get the perfect story for your news.

Understand your audience and its community. Make sure you are engaged with your audience. If you feel people trying to let you down, never fall with them. Turn a blind eye and ear and do what makes you feel right.

Feel the Flow and balance appropriately

Flow is very important to keep the balance to their boredom and anxiety state. If you find something uninteresting, avoid it at the earliest and lookout for a fresh start.

So these are the ways the Journalism and the Game designs are linked with each other but in different places.

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