A person who is well informed of the current scenario is a good and knowledgeable citizen. And it is very true in the case of Journalists. They must always be informed and updated on politics and news facts. It will help them to show the world the difference between the facts and the fiction. Though there are many news sources available on the internet today, one cannot assure its reliability. The first step of becoming a good journalist is to know the difference between the real and the hoax news.

A good and well-informed journalist can only be achieved by being updated on all the current news and happenings around the world. So you must depend on good and reputable sources. Apart from this, make sure you recheck the facts before giving your opinions as the journalist’s role and opinions are considered very important. You can be informed in many ways, out which the most popular and easy ways are as follows.

Check out a few traditional news initiators

This has been made easy with the help of internet, partisan and opinion-oriented news. You must make sure you rely on trusted news sources that you read or watch regularly. Few of the traditional news sources include National Public Radio – NPR, British Broadcasting Company – BBC, Al-Jazeera and many more.

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You can also listen to many news podcasts

It usually lasts 15-30 minutes and summarizes the day’s events. But if you got no time, then you can subscribe to the podcast, where you will receive daily news highlights. This way you can be well informed and be ahead of time as well.

It is believed as one of the best alerts. Google Alerts is a notification which alerts you on the topic that you have set in the Google. So if that specific topic is mentioned in Google, you will receive notification and messages regarding that topic.

You can get help from the News Aggregator

It brings out stories from similar subjects from various news sources. It will then group them in your feed or email. It is one of the best tools to be updated on current events.

Make sure you are linked to political apps and websites so that you are informed about the political world. Keep up with the local or regional newspaper. Give attention to media debates. They have many solutions to one problem. If you find issues in some specific news, attempt to investigate by yourself. Do not depend on anyone or any news.

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