Education in Chennai is a complex and complicated thing. Home to over seven million people, it is a hub for youth and learning. One niche in the education system is IAS coaching which has cropped up due to the popularity of civil services. A segment within the web of educating IAS aspirants is current affairs.

Current Affairs in UPSC conducted exam are always massively dominant. The Prelims tend to ask factual, current affair questions while the interview phase is more focused on regional issues and the personal opinion of the aspirant. With general and current knowledge so prevalent throughout the examination, how does a candidate prepare for it?

  • The best source for current affairs in Chennai is the Hindu, but other dailies such as The Indian Express are decent too. For online reading, choose LiveMint.
  • To remain updated on economic issues, read The Economic Times. The Business Standard is an option, too.
  • Get your science and tech news from the Sunday column of The Hindu. For art and culture affairs, read the Friday supplement of the same daily.

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Do not waste time reading the entire newspaper every day. Your focus has to be on important international and national news, particularly that connects to the UPSC syllabus. If you are preparing for the mains, then read through the editorial sections of the newspaper as they are written by experts and provide deep insights.

There is no doubt that UPSC is supremely found of peppering both the Prelims and the Mains paper with current affair questions. Thus, it is imperative for an IAS aspirant to be thorough with newspaper reading. Just steer clear of opinion pieces as they do not add to your knowledge. Editorials are your best bet.

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