The addition of ethics on economics

The bankrupt term is becoming common these days and people are afraid of investing their hard earnings in the bank. The bank critics popularize this statement among the people and hence few communities of people are deviating from the concepts of investing their valuable savings in fear of losing it to some bankrupts.

People are getting more interested in talks of wall – street wrecking and devastating the US stock market which is indeed affecting the global economy of the financial crisis.

A deep effect of movies on the ethics of economics

The movies on ethics and economics have a strong relationship with the internal concepts of businessmen all across the world. A new movie called Margin call evolving around economy and ethics. The movie is quite similar to the concept used in Wall Street were Gordon Geko quotes that, “Greed is good”. The new economic proponents and dynamics can bring ethics into business transformation and development. Greed is widely different from profit and one cannot access or judge the market perform or analyze the results.

One of the renowned economic activists Milton Friedman from the US suggests that Social responsibility is the noble cause for a business promotion. Today we discuss this idea as an increase in the value of shareholders investment.
Let us depict some of the economic arbiters in the business.

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The economic crisis and troubles in the businesses all across the globe

The major problem in business occurs with cash rotation or economic instability due to one big loss the chances of demoting the business increases constantly. It is true and one cannot witness or relate this issue with great depression that occurred in 1929. The great depression in 1929 gave many business institutions a new idea to frame and develop their business and learn from the mistakes that occurred.

The economic instability of a business is directly proportional to the insecurity of the owner handling the business. Problems like having excess men deployed or removed according to the changes in the market.

One of the major concerns with the business is competition. Every company is trying hard to defeat or stay ahead of their opponents. But according to the experts, it is good to improvise the optimization standards rather than thinking on plans to defend a competition. Business is all about trade and not competition.

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