Know the power of journalism

Journalism is one of the purest forms that have the power to change the world. There are many good journalism schools where the students are taught to present journalism that is based on issues related solutions. They are educated and taught how to produce solutions that would lead to social change.

Many journalism classes are being conducted and focus on the biggest issues that are being prevailed in the world today. The issue of human rights is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Whether it is rights of women in Africa, crisis of Syrian refugee, food insecurity, gun violence, child abuse or other human-related issues. If you want your voice to be heard, make sure you get the solution to tackle the problems. It cannot be done physically but it can be solved through the power of journalism.

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What is the main aim of journalism?

The main goal and aim in journalism are not just about teaching something. It is to stand against the wrong and to let the people know the truth. Only if we could stand strong in our words, we can change the world. It sure cannot be solved in a matter of days or months, but it will surely drive a social change.

Many times the students are encouraged to put on their stories for publication in an online website called the Chronicle of Social Change. The website sparks and covers in conventional media outlets. With the student’s stories being published, there is a hope to impact social and public policy affecting the unprotected populations.

What you can do by studying journalism?

With the help of journalism classes and courses, you can learn something very big which can change someone’s life. It will present you with a great opportunity to share your ideas, view, and story with thousands of people all over the world. If your story has an interesting catch or viewpoint, it will be widely shared and you will become famous overnight.

You will have the power to change the world and also people’s lives. It is like doing a very noble act and the amount of respect you would receive will be no match in this world. Few students after they completed journalism comments, ` the respect for the journalist has increased for I have seen and witnessed the struggle they go through to bring out one true story.’ Another wrote journalism was thought to be the easiest job only to realize that it is the toughest job on earth.’
So join the world of journalism to bring a small change to the badly affected world.

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