IAS Coaching Centre Guides On Covering Current Affairs

If you are preparing for IAS exam and wish to cover UPSC current affairs, you need to follow certain best ways.

Every candidate who wishes to become an IPS or IAS officer know the significance of current affairs. They know how much importance to give for the latest events while preparing for the main exams and prelims exam. A leading IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai offers simple ways to cover UPSC current affairs as part of IAS civil services examination. Click here for more details on current affairs for UPSC Exams.

Ensure to read the newspaper daily: The IAS aspirants should read the newspaper daily. They ensure to cover all the contemporary issues that are found under the political and economics column, environmental programs and other disasters, a new development in the field of science and technology, etc.
Follow the latest news updates in organizations and ministries like RBI, ministry of finance, and others.

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Any issues associated with international or geography affairs: Ensure to prepare on this area by placing a map on the side. This way, you can understand and study problems with neighboring countries. Moreover, you can also get a complete idea of the societal, geographical, and political issues handled by public regionally.

Do not mug up: When it comes to preparing for UPSC syllabus, you should not mug up certain concepts. When you mug up, you may apply as it is without knowing its actual meaning. It is recommended to understand and read when learning the current affairs portion UPSC exam. It is best to remember the month and dates by connecting it with specific problems. It is also necessary to recognize the country and organization associated with the dates.

A collection of newspapers for daily current affairs for UPSC exams.

Top Ias Coaching Centre Explains The Importance Of Reading The Newspaper

It is important to read the newspaper for any exams that involve heavy competition and interview.

When it comes to attempting government job exams, you should pass in three stages – Mains, Interview, and Preliminary. The questions will be associated with the current affairs.

If you want to develop an essay, you should have viewpoints and facts. The newspaper remains the best source for collecting information about current affairs.

Some candidates doubt whether they should read one or more newspaper. A top IAS coaching center in Chennai suggests reading English Newspaper through the student is appearing for Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati or Hindi Medium. If you have sufficient time and energy, you can read one or more papers. But one paper is more than enough.

IAS Coaching Centre Guidance: What Are The Topics To Cover In The Newspaper?

Words associated with Journalism in a black and white image.It is essential to read your old question paper to get an idea about what they ask and how to answer. When you read the last three years question paper, you will almost become thorough with the current affairs. To brush up your knowledge, you have to read the daily newspapers and keep yourself updated.


  • Government’s press conference, where they share various administrative reforms, policies, etc. It does not mean the press conference of political parties like BJP or Congress but the conference meetings of state and union government.
  • Several bills, notes of cabinet meetings.
  • Election associated items- what are the actions taken by election commission? What are the top controversies and problems?

National news

  • How many people have passed away in Tsunamis or landslides or floods on which date? – This is not important. You need to know the reason for the geographical phenomenon.
  • ISRO launches an artificial satellite. It is not necessary to know how much it weighs.
  • Reason for the recent rail accident and ways to prevent accidents in the future is essential.
  • Why is leopard hunting men in Maharashtra? What are the actions taken by the government to stop the actions of leopard?

International news

  • Environmental problems and climatic change associated news.
  • Any significant event such as the democratic development in the Israel Palestine, the Middle East, the US vs. Russia or China missile defense and more.
  • Meetings of organizations like G20, ASEAN, etc. and also what India achieved and announced in such meetings and conferences.
  • Technology and science associated items like China’s space program, CERN, North Korea’s missile tests, Iran’s nuke program, etc.


  • Press note or press conference by SEBI, planning commission, RBI, government, etc.
  • International: World Bank, EU, ASEAN, etc.

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