Have you always been attracted to the journalism world? Does even a small reporting story get you excited? Then you sure fit as the journalist. Today, young generations are attracted to journalism, not because of its fame and money but because they feel they are responsible for society. They have the urge inside to show the world what real truth is and how it is being depicted to them. This sentence very well explains the phrase, the pen is mightier than the sword.

Journalism is not just for awareness purposes. There are so many events happening around the sphere in every aspect which includes the cultural, political, educational, religious, natural events, social, etc. So how can one possibly be informed about these events? Well, the answer lies in Mass Communication. These reports are covered by the journalist who informs their audience of a large gathering at one time. This is what journalism does. It keeps its audience informed by taking the pain of investigating, reporting and analyzing.

Is Journalism good or bad?

Back in the day, there was a survey conducted regarding which was the worst job in the whole world. Not interested in the first three, but Journalism ranked fourth in being the worst job in the world.

This survey made everyone think deep. The so-called good jobs were limited in number and it also saw great competition, the salaries of a journalist were quite low in terms of starters, long and stressed loaded working hours, dangerous and risky, etc. But keeping all the negativity aside, journalism is indeed the finest job in the whole world. The point about journalism is people are informed and updated about their surroundings. It acts as a check for the politicians ruling the world, people are informed of their rights and many more.

If all start blacklisting journalism, what will happen to the good world? Who will check the politicians and the security workers? The world will turn into a war zone and everything would be destroyed. There would be more ignorance and fear in the people. Rumors will start circling around the world, which eventually will lead to great wars. One can say that journalism acts as a peace bridge to keep the world in the right place.

Journalism is noble and is sure to be a rewarding career. To emphasise the noble career, read on below, for you sure will be convinced about it.

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You are always learning

Journalism is like a school. With each passing class, one learns new things, it is the same with journalism. You keep learning new things and make you feel confident and smarter. You are actually helping your brain by strengthening it rather than letting it rot. You start with nothing and end with being loaded by knowledge.

If learning does not excite you, then check the one below.

You are paid to read

You literally start your day reading tons of related articles. Isn’t it a nice feeling that as soon as you get to work, you start reading with hot coffee in your hand? This is the routine of every soul on earth, but the only difference is they read before they start their work while you read at work. Because reading is your work for you need to be informed and be updated about your surroundings. So by reading and being informed, you are actually getting paid. But it is by other ways that you have to bring something creative out of the reading. Every job demands hard work and so is journalism.

Press And Media Reporter In Broadcasting Event - An Animatic Representation.

Love meeting people? Journalism is the way

This is the best part of being a journalist. You actually get to meet many people and not just ordinary ones. But the special ones. You can actually interview your favorite personality and also know about them. If not personalities, you get to meet many other different people in the world. Isn’t it much fun to share your ideas and views with the other person and get the same from them? You again are learning something new and exciting.

Walkie fame in hand

Even if you are not a celebrity, you sure will be recognized for your work. How would you feel if someone walks up to you and says they like your work? It sure will be nice and a great feeling. Your work is recognized and people know you. Pretty much like a celebrity.

Stress = Excitement

It sure is tiring doing the same work every day again and again. But in the world of journalism, you are dealing with everyday deadlines. You got reports to be covered or an interview to be taken or anything. It is actually the same with every person in your office and this will definitely make you excited. So it is fun to work under pressure.

Therefore, if you are planning to be a journalist, then it is the right and a noble step for you to never regret your decision in your life.

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