J-Ethinomics is a term coined by the founder of the Center for International Media Ethics. It’s the combination of journalism, ethics and economics. It’s what we teach: using ethics to build trust in the news, sustaining demand for the media industry.

More generally, J-Ethinomics also highlights how the work of journalists impacts political and socio-economic development processes.

What is the basis for J-Ethinomics?

A number of studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between trust and long-lasting consumer relationships with news sources (Fletcher & Peters, 1997; Meyer, 2004; Kilger & Romer, 2007; and Vanacker & Belmas, 2009).

Fletcher & Peters (1997) demonstrated that there is a “significant positive correlation”, a factor of 0.84, between trust and a willingness to demonstrate loyalty and consumer commitment toward a media company. More recently, Kilger & Romer (2007) found direct evidence that a higher level of trust leads to a greater likelihood to purchase news.

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In June 2011, the Center for International Media Ethics conducted a survey asking media professionals about their ethical practices and the standards in their country. The analysis revealed that journalists claim to publish unethical pieces due to internal or external pressure from their editor or the company they work for. Therefore, most of the training currently available might not be appropriately targeted as those who are running newspapers e.g. editors and publishers should receive ethical training as they obviously at the moment are not acknowledging the benefits of ethical journalism.

That is why CIME encourages everyone involved in the media industry including editors in chief, editors, columnists, publishers to take a look into our J-Ethinomics concept and take our online course in media ethics.

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Watch the presentation of Melisande Middleton, CIME’s co-founder about the relation between media and the financial market in 2009 short before she coined the term J-Ethinomics and established the online training platform.

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