Media Business looks in deep trouble, although some show great success. Outlets like the New York Times works in great terms but other media outlets are forced to depend on advertising for revenues. It was a little easy for media outlets to create revenue at earlier times, but in recent years, it has become difficult. Technology trends are barricading their revenue and are increasingly making it difficult for them. The barricading trends are as follows.

  • Social Media are much more popular than other news channels – People today prefer to use social media to get their news and other source information. The trendy social media includes YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. They are the present gateways to the updated and latest news. These pages have their own connections and sites and it does create revenues for them. But the news media site faces backlash because they are finding it difficult to find loyal readers and followers.
  • Ad Blockers have made it more difficult – The firms of News Media have secured the online ad revenues by making it more noticeable. This has made the consumers to forcibly add the ad blockers.
  • Fake News is now ruling the world– Real Journalism requires hard work and also demands money to create and bring out a story to the public. On the other hand, fake news does not require hard work and fact-checking. They are interesting and easily grasp people’s attention. This also has made the news media firms difficult to compete and deal with the fake news sites.Witnessing all this, one segment that stands out is Podcasting. It is the only segment where quality is given more importance than quantity. The quality podcasting has already shown its effect and has had a great effect in terms of revenues too. The podcasting which works on quality creates revenues and sustainability.

Podcasting, in other words, is a game-changer. But the prime question lies here is who will understand the actual podcasting in the media world.

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