Did you just land up on this page so that you can put off doing some other work? And are you planning to restart your work once done with this article?

This is a very common issue faced by many people. If you are one among those people who are constantly looking for other ways to stay focused or do something more productive, then Distraction Journal is the right and only option. This journal will aid you and give you reasons as to why you are being distracted and looking for other ways than focusing on the work available in front of you.

The Distraction Journal will help you in understanding as to when the right time to get back to work is and when to take a break. In short, it will act as a planner, so that your work or task is not delayed or postponed and you give your best in your work.

The Distraction Journal is very well explained in The Financial Diet by Kimberly Bui. She explains that the journal acts as a table of the things that keep her distracted. She has made a column list of the things that keeps her not focused. She even listed down the reasons for distractions. During her journal journey, she always asked herself why she was constantly distracted and was unable to focus. She very soon found out the cause of distraction. It was,

  • Solving a problem without knowing the solution
  • An unwilling decision which she was forced to do so.

There is always a time when you just cannot work and keep postponing. No matter how hard you try, you just put off. This indicates that you need to take a break. Just walk away from your desk and do what you like the most, even if that means sleep, sleep off.

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Why do great ideas always come when you are doing something else?

Did you just find a solution to your problem when you are relaxing or showering or just walking your dog? This is because your brain becomes incapable of working when you are stressed. It cannot focus and your brain fails in its basic function – to solve a simple solution. Give your head a rest. Allow yourself to get distracted and do something, anything you like. It will take time, but you will be back to your senses only after a good brain rest.

Sometimes. It is better to just complete your work and head for a long shower. It eases your brain, relaxes and gives you the strength to work fresh again. Try doing something which is difficult like saying No to someone. It sure sounds simple, but trust me, it is the most difficult task.

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Adding components to Distractive Journal

If you have a task to be completed, then it is better to write it down. This way, you will not forget the task and it will also not distract you often by popping up in your brain every often. But you must also make sure that you do not get distracted from doing something else.

So when you are doing some work and you get a pop-up reminder in your head, write in down and get back to your previous work. Do not let anything come in your way. No matter how boring or difficult your task is, get it done and then head to your other work. But if the stress level passes over your head, take a short break and get back to the task you left.

Getting Things Done

Distraction Journal is a way to inspire one to carry on with his work. It will help you focus on your work and also will aid you in completing the task faster. If at some point, your brain goes out of focus, just write down and continue doing your old task. This way, you are tricking your brain that your distractive work is completed and you can now focus on your previous works.

The distraction journal is being followed by many thousand people around the world and each has had its own success stories. Most of the people also commented on how effective it was for them because the distraction journal was clear guidance for them.

Therefore, if at any point in time, you get those other thoughts that force you to do other tasks, then start with your distractive journal. It will not only help you get focused but also relax and soothe your mind. Even after starting your distractive journal you still are distracted, then ensure you take enough break to relax. Only then you can completely focus on your work.

If you have not started with your note-taking tips yet in your life, you sure are missing something big. Get started and see the change and outcome for yourself.

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