What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are new age entertainment. They are a series of audio content that can be accessed and listened to by downloading offline from a podcasting app or website. The term is coined from iPod and broadcasting. It is similar to blogging except that the technology and content used is audio. It is a simple entertainment option that can be used offline. You have to download contents from the podcast websites and listen to it offline. This way you don’t have to stay online throughout the content. Podcasts provide a perfect way to connect with audiences. It is easy to start a podcast with less resources, if you have the content and technology in place.

A podcaster is the person who authors and presents the content. A podcaster can decide the type of content and format. A podcast can be targeted for an age group or a particular community. A particular organization can run a podcast for its employees, a blogger can have a podcast on his website, an author can have podcasts of his audiobooks and more. There are so many immense possibilities and opportunities provided by podcasting. The fact that it is easy to set up and operate has made podcasting viable for many different purposes. From sharing music, stories, proverbs, news, sports, movie reviews and important announcements. Content creators have immense opportunity to create clever content to market themselves to wider audiences.

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News and Podcasting

There are different types of content produced as podcasts and news content is one of them. Though news podcasts make up a very small proportion of total podcasts, the consumption is above approximately 21% in most of the countries. Based on the general appeal and type of news, there is always a set of audience for a news podcast. Different content genres in a news podcast are talk shows, interviews, narrative series and more. The main focus is being the daily news from all wings, like, politics, sports, entertainment and international affairs. There are now more podcasts that cater to the daily news genre and we have more people who subscribe for micro bulletins, news roundups and deep dives, where topics are discussed more in detail.

News podcasts give us a great way to stay up to date on current affairs and you can get updated anywhere anytime. Listen to podcasts as you travel, wait, at the gym, kitchen and so on. It gives us the flexibility to choose what we want to listen and where. Fresh new content and diversity will add to the popularity of the podcast. There are many podcasts that deal with single subjects diving deep into the discussion with the subject experts. With new ideas and investments, brilliant podcasters are shaping democracy with neutral, balanced and unbiased news.

In the last few years, podcasters have doubled their revenue. It has been used as a good way to build brand and loyalty which most of them hope to turn into subscription and monetary benefits. Exclusive content through new platforms are shaking up the media market. And, it is opening up avenues for new content like lifestyle, sport, comedy and more that have high quality narration. With all the new platforms, there is still room for opportunities and growth in the world of podcasts.

Characteristics That Make A Good Podcast

People love variety, entertainment and fresh new ideas. A podcaster has to be innovating every day. They need to handle diverse topics with a variety. The Globalist, which is the longest running news podcast, reports five episodes a week and has different hosts from different parts of the world. This brings diverse news stories that one may miss out otherwise. The content has to be solid, well researched and accurate. It must lay further context for complex problems. Today Explained, a podcast that focuses on a topic relating to current breaking news actually breaks it down so a layman can understand everything about it.

Podcasts that cover global news around the world face the wrath of audiences who are not interested in a particular country covered in that particular day. World Business Report handles financial and business news and covers major issues around the world in two to three episodes per day. They try to keep listeners up to date on current news happening world over. A news podcast can also be around the biggest news of the day from various genres of topic. It could be sports, music, video games and movies. IGN Spoken Edition deals with the latest pop culture news around you.

Kinda Funny Games podcast covers only video games news around the world. Done in a professional and fun way, they manage to bring in high quality guests from the video game world. The Podcast, 60 minutes and The World, provide in-depth news for an hour with a variety of content. Content and format rules the roost in any podcast.

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