Journalism is one of those professions where anything related to unethical conduct or quackery is not allowed even in the minute form. The reason for No Compromise is simple because it is the profession of truth and ethics. The journalist plays the role of an official channel and mouthpiece because of which the whole society is informed. One simple mistake or wrong reporting may create havoc in society.

The role of a Journalist

The Journalist is loaded with responsibilities and his every action and reporting is closely monitored by the public. His work directly contributes and affects society in all the ways. Therefore, this reliable profession must just not be handed to any person but to those who are loyal, truthful, unbiased, honest and patriotic.

Consequences of Quackery

What happens when society is misinformed? The result would be drastic as everywhere chaos of hatred, ignorance, conflicts, division, and immorality would be spread. It would not just lead to this, but the situation would become so extreme that it will become uncontrollable and the world would be torn to pieces.

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Online Media

The online media has emerged drastically over the 8-10 years. It has contributed greatly to the overall development of the journalistic profession.

Though it has a great contribution to the field, it still is considered a threat and risky for society. The main problem in Online Media is vulnerability, porosity, and facelessness. The online media is so vulnerable that anyone with not much experience and profession can post random news and claim it to be a journalist. With just a basic computer skill, anyone can create a news site and post wrong information creating havoc in society.

The work of journalism is noble and must be taken with utmost care and responsibility. So whatever one puts on the news site online, ensure the accuracy of the content and act as a responsible citizen for there is a 99% chance of creating trouble and panic in the society.

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