For Your News Information

YouTube Channels provide you with the best of the day. You can watch them anywhere on your smartphone or tablet or from your browser. You can even stream it off from your mobile to any HD equipped TV and view the news on the big screen also. You will not miss anything important, and you can watch them wherever you are. Even shows that you think to have lost on televisions are available as videos to update you. Morning or evening news that keeps on updating with the latest information is also streamed live here. Starting from the traditional network news to the twenty-four/seven news coverage, you have the best in-store on the internet.

  • World News page from YouTube – Latest videos that cover the latest news can be accessed from here. Major events that happen globally are updated every hour for entertaining the curious viewers.
  • ABC News – You can watch news snippets that run for a few minutes. A stream of videos is updated every day that will cover the latest news and feature stories that are popular in ABC shows.

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For Your Varied Interests

To fulfil your varied interests and tastes, be it anything, video channels are there for you. Specific video channels are available for every topic of the world. Be it traditional or cultural or anything related to science or medicine, you have the best to choose.

  • The New York Times – Updates every day with the latest videos that cover a broad range of subjects. Videos on cooking, fashion, entertainment, politics and any other peculiar topics are here for you to explore. Here, you might rarely find videos on any breaking news of the day.
  • Al Jazeera English – With more than thirty new videos every day, this is a channel with high-volume video content. The videos here extensively cover all international events and news that ranges from news to interviews that can extend to more than half-an-hour or longer. Global news is their specific forte with main focus on world news. Individual news reports can also be viewed here that is based on your choices.

For The Modern Minds

In order to cater to the interests of the younger generation, the latest video channels diligently work to their best with the latest videos that go with the trend and their likings. With the updated trends in the latest technology, you need not go anywhere to update your knowledge.

  • The Young Turks – With its online news programs and with more than a million subscribers, it releases at least a dozen videos every day. The videos run from two to ten minutes with content that cannot be viewed elsewhere.
  • SourceFed – With more than a million subscribers, it operates as a news network with hosts and commentators dressed casually. Releases at least five videos every day that run only for a few minutes. Their shows cover both strange and exciting news, and there are regular shows that run from 15 to 20 minutes.

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