There are various forms of journalism which influence our daily life to a greater extent. Journalism can be classified into paper, broadcast, print, and web. It serves as a tool that communicates the happenings in the world to the common man. It brings various kinds of new to your living room. Journalism can be defined as a career where people are involved in collecting information from various sources. This information is disseminated into facts and figures that can reach the public through television, print or the Internet. It is the job of the journalist to bring the news to the public in a presentable and interesting manner. Journalism as Career is becoming popular today as it is an attractive and challenging career

The following are the career information on the journalism industry.

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Different Journalism Roles

Reporters: A reporter is the most important job role in the journalism profession. It is one of the most important positions in the journalism industry. A reporter is mainly involved in collecting news and stories from various parts of the country and world. They travel around to different places to collect news. They organize interviews of important personalities and common people to know about the current happenings in the world. They must be capable of reporting the news in media without greater level clarity and accuracy.

Featured Writer: A writer in the journalism industry writes interesting and well-organized stories of particular news or happening. A featured writer works for months in preparing attention-grabbing stories for readers.

Editor: This is the chief role played in the journalism profession. They ensure the integrity and continuity of the prepared new stories. They finalize the various news resources before they reach the print media.

Proof Reader: A proofreader performs the job of checking for grammatical and punctuation errors in the news stories prepared by reporters and featured writers. Proofreaders must be highly proficient in grammar and English writing skills.

Future Scope of Journalism

The salary range of freshers in the journalism profession is of the range INR 150,000-200,000 per annum. The salary range would increase with years of experience. There seem to be lucrative career options in the journalism industry. There would be a great demand for writers and proofreaders in the various digital mediums like e-books, e-magazines, and e-newspapers.

Educational Qualifications

A basic degree in communication or journalism or mass communication is essential to become a journalist.

The above gives a clear insight into journalism as a career.

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