Who Is An Investigative Journalist

Journalism has branched into many streams with exciting options to choose if you want to choose Journalism as your career. If you are bold and ready to take risks, Investigative Journalism will suit you. The latest technology with its sophisticated gadgets has provided investigative journalists with various tools to help in their search for truth.

An Investigative journalist chooses a story or a lead and starts working on it. With the help of leads, the journalist will be able to find out if there are any irregularities or any corruption involved in that scandal. There are also instances where investigative journalists risk their lives, and sometimes they also lose their lives. Yet, investigative journalism as a career lifts the spirits of a journalist and feels the adrenaline rush while unearthing secrets that are hidden or erased away.

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Credentials Of An Investigative Journalist

Just like any other career, investigative journalism as a career has its specific features that need special attention from an investigative journalist.

  • An Investigative journalist must be sharp enough to identify a lead that will allow exploring further and digging into the hidden secrets.
  • An Investigative journalist must know to work organized and follow leads/sources systematically and conduct interviews without raising the suspicion of others and generate reports based on their findings on time.
  • An Investigative journalist must be sharp enough to analyze issues and be able to differentiate essential and nonessential information collected from the leads.
  • An Investigative journalist must believe in high standards and moral values of life. Following ethics at all levels, an investigative journalist must be able to deny unethical gains promised by miscreants.

Investigative Journalist As An Exciting Career

After choosing journalism as a career, and if investigative journalism is your further choice for an exciting career, never forget it gives you as an investigative journalist sufficient time to work with patience. An investigative journalist must have the motivation to move further in case of hurdles on the way of investigation. Though it may be fascinating to work as an investigative journalist, he or she must not forget that risks are there at all times. Good understanding of the problems and risks will help them to be calculative and be careful in every move of the investigation. It is also important not to forget the important ethics of investigative journalism while working on their assignment.

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