Journalism plays an important role in offering the right quality of democracy for a country. Investigative journalism is a part of journalism which is of greater significance as it brings into light the reality of various crimes, secrets and corruption. Uncovering the truth is the basic objective of investigative journalists. They take up all efforts to safeguard the democracy of the country by making use of journalism as a tool. The following article talks about the importance of investigative journalism and the actual process of investigative journalism.

What Does Investigative Journalist Do?

Investigative journalism is, of course, a challenging profession as they take all possible risk to find out the truth. It is a group activity where a team of reporters, journalists and editors are involved in it. They perform an in-depth investigation of a particular crime or corruption. They prepare a detailed story of their finding at the end of their investigative process. During the process of investigative journalism, journalists or reporters interview politicians, witness, public, victim and others to collect information related to the crime or the matter they are investigating. It takes several months to complete an investigative story before its published.

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Importance of Investigative Journalism

The following reasons rightly signify the importance of investigative journalism.

People In Power Are Accountable: Investigative journalism makes people who are in power, government officials and politicians to perform their duties and responsibilities in the right way. Investigative journalists would report about the corrupt officials and politicians to the public. There are several investigative journalisms stories that have uncovered the illegal doing of people in power. Thus they fear the media and do not abuse their powers. Thus investigative journalism makes people in power to be accountable in front of society.

Uncovers Illegal And Wrong Happenings: Uncovering and discovering the reality of an incident, crime story or corruption is the main importance of investigative journalism. The wrongdoings of politicians, anti-social groups are brought into light with the investigation done by investigative journalists. This helps the society to get a clear picture of the actual happening of a wrong happening. Investigative journalism helps the victim to fight for their justice. It creates awareness to the public on the reality of various political issues and crime incidents.

Gives Room For Debate: The result of investigative journalism can result in outrage in the society. It creates a spark and gives an opportunity to discuss the specific issues and its actual cause. People take part in debate and discussions so that they resolve issues related to the investigations done by investigative journalists. It also influences people in power to take necessary actions for the people who are affected as per the findings of investigative journalists.

The above rightly talks about the importance of investigative journalism and the key role played by investigative journalists for the benefits of society.

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