The Best Description Of Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism is not always filled with fights, car chases and gunshots. On the other hand, it is mostly press offices and press officers, meetings and secretive tasks, researches, study and documenting. It is not a simple task to report on a topic with so much detail. The report could be on a murder, a political scandal or a corporate mishandling. This could take months or in worst case years. It is an effort to find the truth and there is so much of research that is required to unearth facts and proofs.

Life of an Investigative Journalist

An investigative journalist needs to be able to uncover an issue with less resources. Previously, they could get hold of PR copy. But now, that is redundant. They will have to meet the officers who handled the case and they may or may not reveal the details. This job requires you to upset many and just keep you happy and content with your work. There would be people who simply do not want you to continue with the work. You might have to face weak editors who might stop publications of stories that may involve political interference. In such cases, your work might not see the daylight.

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You need to be bold and courageous with so much honesty to publish something so invasive and wrong. It is an important part of a newspaper or a news channel to have an Investigative wing to bring out stories. It helps garner readership and increases the rating. But, how well an issue can be handled by not risking the future of both the concerned parties is the risk factor.

Best Books That Describe The Job

There are several books that describe the work of an Investigative journalist. A few of them are, All the President’s Men, A Hack’s Progress, Good Times, Bad Times, Toxic Sludge is Good for You, and the New Journalism. Each book portrays the struggles of investigative journalists in a fresh new angle. A few of these work can be used as case study for interns studying investigative journalism. Each of the books had a detailed account of the issue and how each protagonist tackled to emerge as a winner. The depth of the risky situations are covered in great detail and one can learn more about this risky job.

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