Investigative journalism is a main part of journalism. A journalist must be highly experienced and passionate to get involved in investigative journalism. Investigative journalism is, of course, a challenging activity or process. An investigative journalist must be ready to manage the risk encountered during the course of the investigation process. They must follow certain basic techniques and devise strategies on investigative journalism. This would help them to be effective in the process of investigative journalism. The following lists some of the important tips and techniques on investigative journalism. It would help investigative journalists to manage various investigative projects.

Build A Strong Network

During the process of investigative journalism, it is crucial that investigative journalist build the right network. They can lookout for new contacts and connect with them through social media. Creating a network of local people would help in sourcing information from them related to your investigation. Create a group of people who are passionate about your investigation theme. Building a network of like-minded people would be of great help in collecting information related to the topic of your investigation.

Learn From Others

Investigative journalists can learn from the success stories of other popular investigative journalists. They can interact with them and ask questions on the style of their investigative process. Reading the case studies of top investigative journalists in the world would give an idea about the strategies and techniques followed for the effective investigative process. You can also get the help of experienced reporters or journalists when taking up highly critical cases or incidents for investigation. Investigative journalism is a learning process where you learn throughout the process of your investigation.

Prepare For Interview

Investigative journalists talk with suspects, witness, victims and public to collect related information about the case or crime. An interview is a key tool for interacting with others. This would help investigative journalist in uncovering the truth of certain wrong happenings. Thus they must offer utmost importance to the interview process. The must know about the person to be interviewed in detail before the interview process. Prepare the interview questions well ahead based on the subject of the interviews. The questions must be framed in such a manner that it brings out the truth of an incident or wrong happening. Preparing follow-up materials for the questions asked in the interview. This would help to cross-check the answers.

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Make The Right Use of Technology

There are several tools available in the digital platform that help journalists in their investigative journalism process. Journalists must be trained on the latest software and digital tools for accessing the information that aids in the investigation process. Technology would be of great help for investigative journalists in their process of investigation. Several online resources supporting your investigation can be saved digitally and can be used for future reference.

Break The Investigation Process

Investigative journalism is not an easy process. It involves various challenges as there are several mysteries and hidden truths to be uncovered. The entire process of investigative journalism can be simplified by breaking the complex process into several smaller parts. The investigative tasks are divided into smaller tasks. Different investigative roles are assigned to the team of investigative journalists. This makes it easy for investigative journalists to complete the complex tasks in less time. The efficiency of the work performed by individual team members is also improved with the breaking of the large investigation process.

Go For Crowd Funding

Investigative journalism includes various process and activities. Investigative journalist work as a team, travel around to various places to collect information related to the investigation. It is not possible for the investigative journalists to spend their own money that is required for carrying out the investigation activities. Crowdfunding is a popular way which helps in generating funds in the online platform. It is a process where people are motivated and influenced to contribute money for a social cause. This fund can be used by the investigative journalists to meet out the expenses of investigating a particular incident or crime. Investigative journalists require money for preparing investigation journals and stories. It is expensive to broadcast or publish the results of their investigative findings in media and other social platforms. Investigative journalists can make use of any of the crowdfunding sites for raising fund for their investigative process. Thus create a network to identify members for the contribution so that the investigation cost is covered by them.

The above are some of the important tips to be followed by investigative journalists for the effective management of investigative journalism projects. The above tips would help investigative journalist to excel in their profession.

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