Importance Of Investigative Journalism

From the days when there was only newspapers and magazines to update what was happening around, Investigative Journalism had played its part to keep the readers entertained with news or information that kept them on their toes. Crime is not something new. It has been there for centuries. Investigative stories added spice to the boring lives of the public. The purpose of investigative journalism is to expose activities that are meant to be secret and hidden from the eyes of the public and the legal authorities. Even abuse of power has been brought to the light with the help of investigative journalism. Away from cheap gossip, investigative journalism worked to expose issues that may affect the lives of the common man and a threat to society.

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Significant Role In Journalism

The main intention of investigative journalism is to expose information that stirred interests of the public at the state or national or international level. Investigative journalism revealed the best and the worst side of society. Not only the bad things that happened in society, but it also worked to bring to light the compassionate activities of people who worked for the upliftment of the society. Today in the technologically advanced world, hacking, conspiracy, and corruption are to the fore. Intelligent brains work behind to achieve whatever they wanted to do with the help of technology. Investigative journalism helps the society to know more about the issues that may affect in the long run or about people who are expected to serve good for the society but make use of their powers to get the benefit of being successful financially.

Why We Need Investigative Journalism

For people who don’t want to meddle with those in power and make their life a mess, investigative journalism may not be the best choice. People expect investigative journalism to be not spoiled by any organizations or anyone who don’t want the truth to be exposed. Investigative journalism must strive to expose exploitation, corruption, and illegal practices that are harmful to the society at large and individuals at a loss. Sensational information about some personal tragedies may project investigative journalism at its worst. It is essential to bring awareness to the public to avoid certain things/moments that can turn harmful to the lives of individuals or people who are living in the neighborhood. Nowadays, investigative journalism is the choice of many because it may lead their lives into unnecessary risks and not worthy of earning something profitable.

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