At some point or the other, we have felt that there is nothing more these poor reporters are able to do! Beyond the borders of work, they are bound by several chains that weigh them down from opening their strong wings and fluttering away. We have seen how journalism has evolved over the years – feature writing, print journalism, broadcast journalism, critique or review journalism. While photojournalism, investigative journalism are a few that got added to the list afterwards. These have been the industry standard for about 3 decades, and that is what deserves a raised brow.

The sad part is that it is not the room for improvements that is slowing the developments. It is more of the obstacles that hamper the growth of the industry. A few industry leading professionals have portrayed a blemished picture so badly that it has become the industry standard. Aspirants and newcomers are marred by this false portrait of journalism that they end up making it worse with the wrong guides!

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When everything around is opposed

Owing to a lot of reasons, and past experiences, the lack of trust from the public is one of the factors for the shunted growth in the journalism sector. The Internet, as cause one of many, is responsible for the general decline in trust. Several schools of thought have mushroomed for the same facts causing the reader to get confused and polarized at the same time. And at the receiving end, it often causes the reader to be agnostic of news content in general, leaving them in conspiracy theories.

Journalists are often from a humanities stream of education and that causes a skeptical approach of readers towards content created in science and technology topics. With the information overload on every reader, they are on a constant scout for more infos. Prejudiced readers shall always look at the article as something written by a person with less knowledge of it. This is toxic and is even without consideration of the painful amount of research and education one must have gone through to get this content to the reader.

A Journalism Surfing Through Internet About News

It doesn’t break until it is weak from the inside

Writer’s block is inevitable when there is plenty of things going on in the minds amidst running around, collecting data, processing them into content and meeting deadlines. Settling the mind to sit down and finish the story is something often journalists find the difficulty in. And this points to another one factor, overflying the deadlines. When content needs to be created, it has to be done, and it has to be done in the nick of time. Journalists are acrobats playing with words. But the fact of the matter is that they aren’t circus jugglers to manage it amidst the monsters of time and space.

If The World Wasn’t Harsh Enough Already

The competition amidst newsrooms is one of the reasons for fake or unverified news to go on air. It is often a hit and miss when the rush for getting the news out first. If the news is accurate, then nothing bad. Otherwise, the credibility of the reporter is blemished and the institution is held accountable for it.

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