Journalism is a very broad spectrum. It ranges from the evening news to mainstream political reporting, and all the online minute media in between. The presence of these varied forms of information transfer results in another impending issue of information explosion. Journalists are left with a herculean challenge of delivering content that is just balanced between minimalism and overload, all while being uniquely true about the content.

While being honest to the job, a lot of personal compromises have to be made for a budding journalist. Negotiating with acquaintances, making or breaking bridges, turning friends to foes, all runs in the shadows of this business. Being respectful of everyone and delivering the content without hurting and invading privacy is what is ideal for journalism to be ethical.

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A Journalist’s Oath To The Truth

Ever heard of the energizer game, Chinese whisper? Players line up and a message is passed into the ears of the one at the end. They have to pass it on to the other end. It is a fun game, as the message ends up totally different! This is the true nature of information passing from one ear to another. The facts end up as gossip at the other end somehow. The role of a journalist is to keep the information as pure and raw as possible. With the media being controlled by big names in the market, it is quite uncanny to not be biased while delivering consumable content.

It is a challenge to provide quality content which is original and true to every form of it. And that is what makes the industry more valuable and worth taking forward to. Drama on the news frame might get eyes and ears glued on to the news. But, it is the transparent news with minimal interference in the content, is what people look forward to at the end of the day.

A Press Reporter Holding Microphones For Press Meet.

Be Fair, Equal And Just

The truth is, there are many who speak of the same events and that is why being comfortable for the audience is a very important factor to ensure that they stay glued to the content. Yes, the public has its own bias and interests, and that is what these paid media have been indulging on. Feeding customized content to make them addicted and wanting for more has been ironically the “Unique” Selling Proposition of every news house of the century.

Journalism upholds independence, fairness and impartiality. It is difficult all the while to be doing it when the audience is following brands due to the polarized content it provides. And this is the curse that needs to be uplifted from. To be just, reports on any person must be brought to light regardless of the power of their office, their buying capacities, or their people’s connections.

Credibility, Accountability, Trustworthiness

Creating peace is no job for a journalist, but one could take the responsibility to make news that should do no harm to any person living or dead. “To err is human”, we all make mistakes, not pressing that it should repeat. But in such cases, always value the audience. Look at them as beyond numbers and do correct the mistakes before it is too late.

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