Importance of Newspapers

With advanced technology, communication has connected the world from every nook and corner. Even a trivial thing that happened at the extreme corner of the world gets reported across the globe within seconds. Newspapers played an essential role in reporting whatever happened locally, nationally or internationally. At present, in addition to printed newspapers, e-newspapers have also invaded the personal space of the people. E-newspapers are the trend of the day. Let us look into the top ten newspapers around the world.

  • The Guardian – Named earlier as “The Manchester Guardian”, this newspaper was started in 1821 by John Edward Taylor. Still now if anyone wants to explain the values of a newspaper, the article “comment is free, but facts are sacred” is often quoted.
  • The Wall Street Journal – Dow Jones and Company, a news agency, was started by Charles Henry Dow in the year 1882, for the financial sector. The journal gained importance during the 1940s when industrial expansion happened in the United States. Till now, the journal is considered as excellent support to the tremendous growth in business.
  • The New York Times – This newspaper was founded in the year 1851, and it always looks for news, entertainment, and information that adhere to quality. Till now it comes in print with its motto printed at the top, left-hand corner of its front page, “All the News That’s Fit to Print”.

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Oldest Newspapers To Refer

To refer to some of the oldest newspapers that had been started a long time ago is always an honor to remember the tremendous growth in the information system.

  • The Washington Post – Founded in the year 1877, this is one of the largest, oldest newspapers circulated from Washington D.C. Initially, it was launched as weekly editions in three zones such as Maryland, Virginia, and District. These three editions expanded later into ten local news editions that provided extended coverage of activities, news, and special features for readers around the world.
  • China Daily – Started in the year 1981, this newspaper is also called as “Window to China”. A daily newspaper in English, it has its headquarters in Beijing.
  • The Times of India – Started in the year 1938 as “The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce”, it is one the highly circulated daily newspapers in English.

Oldest Newspapers Around The World

  • The Sydney Morning Herald – Named Sydney Herald, this newspaper was started in the year 1831. The web edition of this newspaper was launched in the year 1995.
  • The Asahi Shimbun – One of the oldest daily newspapers, initially it was started in the year 1879 as an illustrated paper with four pages and with a small-print layout.
  • Dawn – Founded in the year 1941, it was first printed in the year 1942. This newspaper was used to voice the opinions of the Muslim League.
  • Zaman – Founded in the year 1986, it aims to support secularism and democracy. This Turkish newspaper is one of the first newspapers that went online in the year 1995.

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