Biased Media And Politics

Sensational news or any information rules the day. So, they tend to be biased and support someone behind the virtual scenes. Reputed businessmen and politicians have control over media with their major shares in media-related organizations or by offering something beneficial to those organizations to telecast or broadcast favorable information in support of their activities. One cannot deny the fact that all media in India has become corrupt. Only some blogs, social networking sites, and some unfamiliar news sites provide accurate and authentic news.

In a recent sample survey, maximum number of respondents answered that news coverage in television is biased for most of the times and trivial issues are made sensational by giving undue importance. A news channel may support a party or an ideology as long as it is related to business. Though spreading fake news or lies is not correct, it is the responsibility of the viewers to choose what channel they must watch. Politicians paid for advertisements in the printed media. But, for television, politicians decided to have their own television channels.

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National Political Channels

The association between media and politicians has gone to a new level while concerning television. Most of the political parties in Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu own directly or indirectly television news channels. Here is a list of famous television channels which are biased in delivering politics-related news because some reputed politicians run those news channels.

  • Times Now – A part of the Times group that operates Times Now, Times of India, and Stardust, has some of its shares with Robertio Mindo, who is Sonia Gandhi’s close relative.
  • NDTV – Prannoy Roy owns NDTV and other related channels. This news channel has been known to be sympathetic toward communists.
  • News 24 – Rajeev Shukla and his wife Anuradha Prasad takes care of this news channel. Ravi Shankar Prasad, a BJP leader, is the brother of Anuradha Prasad.
  • India News – The ITV Media group handles many news channels that include News X. Karthikeya Sharma, the son of Congress leader Venod Sharma, owns this media group, was convicted in the murder case of Jessica Lal.

Regional Political Channels

Listed here are very few television channels that show the Indian Television media is corrupt and they share shallow and insensitive reports even on important issues. They go to the extent of supporting their biased outlook by running, again and again, the same clip to reinforce their stand and influence the people to believe that it is true.

  • IBNLokmat – This Marathi newspaper controlled by Rajendra Dadra and Vijay Dadra are members of Congress. Rajendra Dadra is the Minister of School Education of Maharashtra.
  • Sun TV – This Television channel is controlled by Kalanithi Maran, nephew of the DMK Chief. Kalaignar TV and Raj TV also other television channels owned by members of political parties.
  • Jaya TV – The AIADMK chief, Jayalalithaa owned this channel. Mega TV, Vasanth TV and Captain TV are owned by members of other political parties.

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