What is News Anchoring

The person presenting news is called the news reader. There were days when this term was more prominent. Anchoring is a new age job role in the visual media age. New readers were required to just read the news that is displayed on the screen in front and repeat it for the sake of the viewers. It is like reading out from the papers sitting in front of the cameras. With the advent of news channels, there was a shift from this traditional format.

The term anchoring comes from the role played when a person brings together a team to host a news program. An anchor hosts a news program that involves viewers and several others who can respond or argue. It is two or more way of communication. A news anchor will have to discuss or debate topics that of interest to the people or currently breaking. They need to bring in views from others both internal and external. It is like walking the tight rope between the viewers and the benefactors.

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The Much Needed Skill Requisite

News anchoring is a job that requires you to be brilliant and be abreast with current affairs. They need to be people who have opinions and must understand an issue correctly. A news anchor is required to have presence of mind and think on their feet as they face and pose questions. They should be a good journalist and must be aware of how news should be presented. A camera friendly character who can seamlessly interview with the right questions.

A cheerful personality who can take on the challenges of discussing sensitive issues with a smile. A good instinct of what might be right or wrong will help them a long way. In today’s world, a news anchor is required to be a technology person who knows how to work with various tools including social media. They need to be persistent and know how to improvise apart from excellent writing and verbal skills.

A Few News Anchors You Love to Know

The country had seen many eminent personalities being evolved from news anchoring. A few legends in this field are Karan Thapar, Burkha Dutt, Arnab Goswami and more. Karan Thapar is a leading journalist associated with India Today. He is also a top interviewer and TV commentator. Burkha Dutt became a frontline reporter after she covered the kargil war for NDTV. Arnab Goswami is a brilliant orator who is straightforward and has a fearless attitude.

Anchors are loved for their anchoring skills, knowledge and a straightforward unbiased attitude. A few names in that category would be Sweta Singh, Nidhi Razdan, and Deepak Chaurasia. Not just political news, we have some best news anchors who handle entertainment and movie reviews. Rajeev Masand associated with CNN IBN is one of the best movie critics who hosts To Catch a Star and Masand’s Verdict. Gaurav Kalra is the top sports journalist. There are more such names who have an exemplary career as a journalist.

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