Investigative Journalism In Today’s World

Investigative Journalism was traditionally done by freelance journalists, newspapers, or wire services. It is a job that is time consuming and expensive and involves so many people. The journalists are accountable for the news published and take ownership of the impact and the benefit. Investigations are now increasingly done by news organizations or investigative agencies who rely on benefactors to sponsor work. Investigative journalism is facing a brink due to conflict of interest between the benefactors and media conglomerates. People lack interest in covering serious issues and social media can easily spread even a small bit of news.

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Making a Movie Out Of Investigative Journalist

Journalism has played a very important role in a democracy. Investigative Journalism is an important job that is risky and tricky. Life and career of any investigative journalist has a good meat for a great movie. The nature of job is in itself thrilling that can be used to create a thriller that is a pleasure to watch. Capturing the various aspects of investigative journalism into a movie will result in a well made, exciting movie that can be easily understood by the viewers.

The usual stories of good men taking down the bad men formula applies here with a difference. It is slow yet steady, tries to raise the curiosity of the audience and at the end breaking the suspense and beholding the truth. Such stories have always been success formulas. Making a movie out of journalism is tricky as it may not always be fun to watch journalists away at the typewriter or computers. Portraying research, study or even writing articles can prove tough for the makers.

Best Movies That Describe The Job

There are several movies based out of journalism. A few of the best in the pack are All The President’s Men, Almost Famous, Broadcast News, Citizen Kane, The Insider, Network, The Post, Shattered Glass, Spotlight, and Zodiac. The movies are based out of true stories or about an investigative article regarding whistleblowers or a political situation. The movies try to bring out the stories in true and suspenseful format even in cases where the issue is actually unresolved even today. A few of the movies had rave reviews and managed to win awards. The movie Spotlight, that dealt with child abuse, won the Academy Awards for best original screenplay.

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