Journalism has evolved into a whole new perspective with the advent of a paid media platform. Amidst all the saddening fake news and paid promotion going on in the world now, there are often small spikes of bravery emerging all the more. Let’s find out what it takes to shed light on the lies and bring it into the public’s eyes. Living the nerve-of-steel life of an investigative journalist, on the screen in these top flicks that swept audiences off their feet.

From the modern adaptation of the world’s most famous sleuth investigating crimes, we are aware of the ways of Sherlock. One has to be inconspicuous, infiltrate the lies, camouflage into the unknown and from that perspective truth appears blatantly visible in large! Investigative journalists go that extra step to bring it to the common public’s awareness. Which is even better than serving justice which might eventually fade away as an isolated occurrence. Now, it shall remain in their minds and kind of keep people on their toes.

Keep An Eye On The Opening Scenes

To bring into light the scandal ideals of political drama, is one of the key driving forces behind investigative journalists. “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, the truth”. Buddha predicted that it would resurface, but it is these steel nerved pros who pulled it up all along. “All the President’s Men”, a 1976 flick has to be one of the best real life fiction adaptations that hit the sweet spot. Legends Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman played the role of news reporters from the Washington post and ended up in the resignation of the then president Richard Nixon. Busting up intelligence activities ordered in politics definitely restores faith in humanity (in voters).

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It Might Look Subtle, But The Devil Is Always In The Details

From conspiracy theories to shocking realities, a few of the movies had us at our panic stations. “Citizen four” of 2014 is the story that revolves around Edward Snowden and his days in the CIA. It is a documentary that horrifies how the government spies on every single user interaction. Be it phone, computer or the internet as a whole, we are all under watch. Of the same genre is, “We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks” of 2013, is a documentary about Julian Assange, who founded the WikiLeaks website, and the notions it stirred up in the minds of people. Thanks to all these movies, people are now very cautioned at their actions whether on-line or on-life.

Sometimes, The Story Continues Post Credits

When news reporters fire well kept secrets out to the public, it is definitely set to hurt a lot and this might cause unrest. The next in-queue is to balance it out back on the reporters. And that is exactly what “Truth” of 2015, is all about! It recalls when CBS producer Mary Mapes and anchor Dan Rather did a story on President George W. Bush questioning his service in the military. Questions about the source of the story were raised and it all landed right on top of the reporters. There is a clear line that separates the profession from the professional, but it somehow seems invisible in cases of unrest. Well, how about that?

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