Freedom Of Print Press

Technology has taken newspapers to mobile phones. Any news can reach the reader within seconds. But, this advancement has not given the much-needed freedom to the press. Though the news can be shared freely around the world with internet technology, for the real people who are behind have no freedom to boast. Press freedom seems to be under threat around the world in many countries.

Print journalism or newspapers are not safe. With ever-decreasing circulation and revenue from advertisements have forced this industry to face an unpredictable future. One thing that gives some relief is the change – print newspapers changing to be digital newspapers. Along with their solid presence as printed copies, these newspapers are available as digital copies also. The digital publications offer their content for free or through paid subscriptions. Finally, we can find a balance, but challenges are still there to be tackled.

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Evolving Web Print

The internet has opened its doors to newspapers also. With the decrease in circulation of print newspapers, web journalism looked like a better choice to have their hold back. Web journalism is a broad term, and it is not restricted only to newspapers. Web journalism included web portals of printed newspapers, journalists, bloggers, and local news portals. People are free to share whatever they want on the internet. When it comes to trust or reliability, we can’t expect all sources to provide information that is ethical and genuine at all levels.

Bloggers have the freedom to write about whatever topics they choose, and we can’t expect them to follow journalism ethics in their writings. Professional journalists are always concerned with presenting facts and use standard vocabulary that suits their newspapers. Professional journalists with their online presence have given a chance for their readers to hear their voice. In the meanwhile, still, some journalists and bloggers present unbiased news reports that present only the authentic information. But, the web has also provided a place for journalists who seem to be wavering while presenting their thoughts on any social or political issues. Now, it is left to the readers to choose what will suit them.

Learning To Balance

How will you find out if the news channel is balanced and it presents information unbiased and true? What can help reporters to present only the truth and avoid being biased? These are some of the real challenges that journalism faces in the modern world. Radio broadcasts, television news and newspapers of today are blamed for reporting biased political stories, and they are least bothered about presenting unbiased information to the benefit of readers.

An example can prove this. In Television, the same story will be presented entirely different on two different networks with different perceptions. Content favoring political parties has been seen online, in print and also on air. In spite of this comes the relief for there are still journalists and reporters who are unbiased and present their content or stories in a balanced and fairway.

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