Using All Copyright Materials

Journalists sometimes have to use text extracts or video clips in their content while reporting any special events. They are allowed to use copyright materials to share information regarding specific events to the common people and others.

In certain conditions, this is allowed if:

  • The copyright material is not a photograph
  • It is only for reporting current events
  • The content is for fair use
  • Proper acknowledgment is given for using it

If a journalist wants to share the exact words used by a person or show a clip to share some related information on the recent event in a clear manner, the journalist can use excerpts from magazines, books, broadcasts, films, or online content. This is done to protect the media.

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How To Use Copyright Materials

For reporting events, photographs protected under copyright cannot be used without obtaining permission from the copyright owner. Except for photographs, other types of copyright materials can be used with an acknowledgment. If the purpose is genuinely for reporting events that happened recently and of real interest to the common man, copyright materials can be used. A past event if it continues to be of public interest even at present, it comes under fair usage. If the content in connection to a meeting that happened in the past between politicians from different parties is used so that it can influence the voting trend at the elections.

One more thing to take care is if the content is already published or shared with the common people. If it has not been shared and if the content has been taken to use by following some mean dealing, then it is not fair. How far the obtained content is important also matters to consider if it is fair or unfair handling.

Fair Use Of Copyright Materials

If you need to use copyright materials while reporting any special events, they must be used in a fair manner. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Are you using the copyright material for commercial use?
  • Are you using the copyright material to report a current event?
  • Are you using the copyright material in a commercial competition?

If your answer is “Yes” then you are not fair in handling the copyright materials.

Even if you are using the content that has been already published and known to the public, you must ensure if it comes under copyright. Even if the content has not been shared in public, you must ensure that it can be used with the consent of the author. You must also ensure what share of copyright materials you are going to use and how much do you need it to report the current event. If you are going to use them for further benefits commercially, then it will be unfair.

If you are going to use the copyright material with an acknowledgment then it is fair usage. With proper acknowledgment from the author, you are using the content without any guilt, and it is the right way to do it.

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