A Journalist and a reporter are like a homicide detective and a police officer. They both are similar in many ways yet are completely different. There are many options in the journalism field while the job of a reporter involves covering specific and narrower scopes while demanding special skills.

The function of the Reporter

The functions of the reporter are specific in the journalism field. Reporters are mostly engaged in communication and direct gathering for public information. Their sources of information are primary such as news conferences, first-person interviews, attending news events and more. Sometimes, most of the communication material is limited because they will have to work only on the gathered facts while sharing opinions and editorializing is not the reporter’s job.

The scope of Journalism

A journalist is he who collects and spreads the information on public interest. Most of the time, the information is for the news broadcast, periodical publications or for electronic method distributions. While this well explains the work of a journalist, it also includes other works such as news anchor, columnists, publishers, opinion writers, and editors are also the part of a journalist.

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What are the skills needed for Reporter?

A reporter must be quick in his work and must locate his news source at the earliest. He must always be alert and they mostly work under high and deadline pressure. There are times when the reporter is expected to meet many deadlines at a single day period time. They must be persistent in their job and must get information from the interviews. The reporter must strive very hard to gather information even from those who are reluctant to share any information with the reporter. Reporters must keep record information and accurate notes rightly.

A reporter is an eyewitness in the scene. He must ensure to present it exactly the same way as he witnessed without fabricating any part or story.

In recent times, online journalism is seen on the rise. Witnessing this, the reporter must be well-versed in computer skills. He must be confident enough so that he completes the editing and other related jobs by himself. Knowledge of editing and multimedia software is a must for the reporter.

Defining Journalism

The difference between the journalist and a reporter has always been argued for many years. Few argued both played the same role, while few were against it. Journalists were earlier defined as the employees of wire services, newspapers, news organization and many more. But with the arrival of Citizen Journalists, it has faded the lines of professional journalists and the bystanders. Citizen Journalist is those who write about the things they witness and post it on the internet.

Journalists have to abide by certain rules and regulations like the right to conceal confidential sources. But in the case of Citizen Journalist, it does not work the same way. Hence, it is being argued as what should be considered news and what is entertainment.

Therefore, citizen journalists have been requested to abide by certain rules and respect the profession whether it is the case of a journalist or a reporter.

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