The job of Investigative Journalism is very tough and difficult. He has to face many dangers to bring the story to the public. His job mostly revolves around unveiling matters that are hidden from the public eye. An investigative journalist has to ensure his safety of himself and his source as he has to deal mostly with big powerful men in politics or in criminal cases.

Investigative Journalism is another word that perfectly describes the Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech. It is because of this journalism that the media has reached the highest peak of development.

The Role of UNESCO in Media Development

UNESCO has always ensured and fostered debate on Media Journalism. It makes sure that journalism follows all the ethical and professional standards. It provides all the basic necessities required for investigative journalism like the training materials, guiding principles, etc. it shows the way as to how the profession must be exercised.

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Struggles of Investigative Journalist

Most people assume that an investigative journalist is a happening job and is paid very well along with fame coverage. They think the journalist interacts with the VIPs on a daily basis and is surely living an exciting life. Let’s break the nutshell for all the dreamers. The job of the investigative journalist is not a simple one for it requires hard work, determination, and struggle. It involves all kinds of life-threatening risks and the journalists are constantly exposed to dangers at all times.

An investigative journalist may have to spend many months to cover or research one single story. Their job is not like the conventional reporting where they are provided materials provided by the NGOs government or agencies. Whereas in the case of an investigative journalist, he has to get his own story covered, research and do all the related work by himself. His work is to show the public what is hidden to them. It is more like exposing one of his good or bad works.

The work of an Investigative Journalist does not necessarily mean it benefits all. Sometimes, his reporting affects one community positively while the other part reacts negatively. For instance, the forest-dwellers may demand more money if they come to know the true market value of the trees. But the logging companies would prefer to keep it hidden from them as they would face a huge loss. This is how Investigative journalists work.

How much is the Investigative Journalist gets paid?

Straightening the fact, the investigative journalists are not paid much. They are gradually paid according to their works presented but it takes many struggles and experiences. The reason for not being paid much is because most of the time the journalists get fired either for wrong information or similar situations. Apart from this, when the reporter gets involved with powerful personalities, they either sue the journalist or the company. Hence, they must be very careful in dealing with cases with big and powerful personalities. If you have no care for salary, then this is the right place for you.

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