Following Ethics In Journalism

A deviation from the real purpose of journalism as believed by a staunch journalist of the past, a journalist’s role in the modern days has gone through a tremendous change. You can’t expect a journalist to provide stories that are verified for facts and assure them of being real and not something that emerged from sheer imagination. Media has gone into the control of corporate who are least bothered about ethics in journalism. Financial gain is their only focus, and they don’t hesitate to manipulate stories to suit their specific needs or achievements.

How to make journalists realize the significant role played by ethics in journalism? The news agencies also have a primary role in establishing ethics once again.

  • Demand relevant stories and question them for authenticity
  • Learn to stream information from varied sources
  • Avoid relying on a single source
  • Provide support to journalists who focus on sharing the truth to the world
  • Be ready to face any issues that may arise if you are sharing the authentic news or story.

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Changing Scenario In Journalism

With technology taking charge of the world at all levels, journalism has also taken advantage of the benefits of technology. Decades ago, journalists visited the site to record an event, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. In-person, they would observe what happened, question people over there and write down stories or features. Now, it is not so. Journalists don’t have time to go for an investigation to understand what happened and present the real facts.

Corporate agencies that took charge of the regional news agencies and they failed to understand the role of regional journalists who provided stories from all corners of the world. Regional journalists at the desk tend to source stories from the wire agencies. This way of work brought a deviation in following ethics in journalism. Most of the stories that are published are generated from reports submitted by wire agencies. When the regional journalists submit their stories to wire agencies, the agencies don’t spare time to verify it. Relying on the journalists, they run the stories as they were provided.

Role of News Agencies

The purpose of a journalist is to bring to light the invisible truth behind the events or incidents, and they must save our democracy. But things are different now. Journalists and reporters are under the control of corporate heads, and they can’t do anything that will affect profits. Ethics in journalism has now turned into a very big question. No one wants to get into trouble and risk themselves from facing lawsuits. Media wants to create stories without spending much money and selling them for a profit. They want to show what will sell and sideline stories that are not worth generating financial gains. News agencies mostly wish to influence people by sharing information that will change their outlook towards specific issues in society or the political scenario. Overall, news agencies want to avoid risks and be on the safer side to run the show without any disruption.

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