Breaking The Good News With UGC

Investigative journalism is all about finding that single news that can generate a lot of buzz. Every news channel or newspaper needs to build public trust for the goodwill of the organization. Ethical and trustworthy content is of utmost importance. A few years back the newsroom had to wait for documents to come through the newswire. But gone are those days. Today breaking news heavily rely on user generated content or UGC. Eyewitness and UGC helps newsrooms to quickly develop content for developing stories around sensitive issues. It provides a competitive edge for the industry and working together to set standards on the content will help build confidence and ethics.

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What Needs To Be Done While Breaking News

A few tips on investigative journalism that you can follow in today’s scenario of content overload. Those tips you need to keep your readership and increase the ratings. A key pointer that any news media should follow is to be transparent. In order to sustain and retain audiences, you need to make sure that the audiences know how the UGCs are handled. You get UGCs from social media and spotting the right content from the feeds will hold the future of journalism. It is now a valuable skill to pick and choose the right footage in order to break a story.

The audience should be aware of the standards followed and the ethics that you upheld as a news media. With boost in information technology, audiences can easily verify content that you showcase. So, it is always better to verify any content before breaking. Always recommend using paid service to filter content as that can add value to the story.

What Should Not Be Done While Breaking News

Breaking unverified content could be a death knell. There may be news media who embed unverified content to garner interests of the audiences. They will slowly lose respect and trust as well. If you’re unable to verify the content, or the source and if the content is fake or old then you better look for the next right content. Don’t hide behind disclaimers. Any news media can gain trust by standing for what is accurate. Be professional and plan for strategy and workflow when it comes to dealing with eyewitnesses. Don’t bombard them with too many questions. Rely on your experience, knowledge and your instinct and not completely on automation to verify content.

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