The investigative interview is a part of investigations of the police and other related departments. It is nothing but a one-one interview conducted with a witness, victim or suspect. It is mainly conducted so that the information collected in the interview process would help in the investigation process. The information provided has a key role in changing the direction of any type of case. It would serve as a primary source of information for the investigation members. Attending an investigative interview is important. If you are a victim, witness or suspect it is necessary that you prepare for the interview process. The following are some of the tips on investigative journalism that would help people who attend the investigative interview.
Importance of Investigative Interview

Investigative Interview Preparation Ideas

It is important that you prepare thoroughly for the investigative interview. Preparation must be done well ahead before the interview. You must remember the dates of the crime event and the dates of other happening. You can also prepare a detailed chronology that would help your attorney to get a deeper understanding of the case.

Make sure that you get the help of an experienced attorney who can help in the preparation for an investigative interview. Your attorney would help in explaining about the related laws, regulations and ethical codes. You must have a look at all the related documents and records related to the case. This would help to face the interview with confidence.

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Things To Avoid -Investigative Interview Preparation

When preparing for the investigative interview make sure that you do not breach certain laws and regulations. You’re not supposed to contact the witness or complainant before the interview process. This is considered as a crime as you may try to influence their testimony.

Investigative Interview -Do’s and Don’ts

During your investigative interview make sure that you follow the below tips.

  • If your unsure about what has actually happened then feel free to tell the investigative board that you cannot remember the actual event.
  • Make sure that you do not offer your answers based on your predictions and guesses.
  • Always keep your answers short.
  • Do not talk in between the question and answer session. Just answer to the question and wait for the next question.
  • Be honest in your answers
  • If you cannot understand the question you can very well ask for clarifications.

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