Moments Of Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalism brings value to the power of the press, which is considered as the pillar of democracy. It always aims to bring the maximum benefit to the common man and the society he lives in. Compared to the number of private organizations decades ago, corporate firms rule the professional scenario. Corporate whistleblowers expose corruption, illegal practices or wrongdoing that can happen in established corporate sectors. When any government departments or corporate are accounted for corruption or unethical practices, investigative journalism helped the public to protest and let the government bring the much needed reforms to help the public.

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Exposing What Is Not Right

Sometimes, the corruption exposed by investigative journalism may become intense political or public issues that may initially affect the peace. Investigative journalists diligently work to any extreme level possible. They secretly source important documents, verify them, and if needed translate them for proof. Interviews or any conversations that can give clues to whatever that had happened were also collected with care. Sometimes investigative journalism makes use of the advanced modern technology by using cameras or microphones hidden in unsuspected places to collect crucial information. To quote a few, match-fixing scandals and bribes accepted by top officials or politicians were brought to the knowledge of the public which brought a change in the political arena. Investigative journalists also helped the public to understand the manipulations that happen from the highest level to the lowest level of government officials, convincing the public to cater to the interests of the corporate to receive financial gains.

Things To Deal In Investigative Journalism

Investigative journalists work meticulously to expose corruption or any illegal activities that may affect the effective functioning of a bureaucracy. Exposing corruption in the government grant of quotas for the purchase of cement showcased a report that analyzed happenings with supporting evidence that started a bold, swift, unexpected achievement in investigative journalism. There are incidents where these investigative journalists exposed without fear everything about organized corruption that happened with the higher-ranking officials in the government. Incidents that involved unethical family planning practices, cruel treatment of inmates at Tihar Jail, and human trafficking were also exposed by investigative journalists. The human trafficking investigative report exposed the atrocities of flesh trade and other controversies connected to its inhuman dealings in that deal. The human trafficking report explained the act of breaking law by buying a tribal girl so that it will be a solid proof to support the claim made.

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