Journalism is a popular profession in India and all over the world. Journalism plays a key role in various fields like sports, education, politics, science, and technology. Today journalism has become a prestigious profession in India. Journalists take up the+ responsibility of taking the various happenings and news around the world to the people. The scope of the journalism profession has greatly increased in recent years as the communication mediums have broadened from radios, newspapers to televisions and digital platforms. The following offers a detailed explanation of journalism as career option.

Scope Of Journalism

There are attractive and lucrative career options in India in the journalism industry. The roles of journalists differ based on their job responsibilities and duties. The journalist works mainly fall under two categories as print and electronic media. The print category journalism is nothing but newspapers, magazines and journals. Radio, Television, the Internet falls under the category of electronic journalism. The following are some of the important job roles of journalists

Reporters: They are professionals who gather news from all over the world. They host interviews of important personalities and make it sound interesting and informative. The news gathered by reporters reaches the common people through different types of media.

Featured Writers: Writers in the journalism profession are mainly involved in converting the news and stories gathered by reporters into an interesting write-up.

Editors: They are generally the heads who are in charge of the news and stories to be published in the print or electronic media.

Proof Readers: They are professionals who make sure that the news and the stories to be published are free from grammatical errors.

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Eligibility Criteria

Students can take up under-graduate and post-graduate journalism courses to work as a professional journalist. Some of the journalism courses that students can take up are

  • Bachelors of Mass Media and Journalism
  • B.A In Journalism
  • Bachelor of Communication and Journalism
  • M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • M.Sc in Mass Communication

Future Prospects

The future of journalisms seems to be bright and lucrative. The job growth in the journalism industry is about to grow in the future. There is a great demand for journalists in the media industry.

The above offers a detailed overview of journalism as a career option.

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