Role Of A Police Officer In An Investigation

The police department is the authority who needs to investigate a crime scene with an open mind and bring the culprit to the book. They do the major work involved in a crime. Technically, their role involves booking the charge, understanding what happened, identifying a suspect, collecting evidence and charging the file sheet in the court. As per the court’s order, they can either stop with the trial or investigate further.

A police officer is required to do a fair investigation which is unbiased. If the crime involves many layers of complexity, then the investigation officer should maintain the standards and protocol. If they should maintain secrecy in a case, they should ensure strict protocol based on what is followed.

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How Can A Murder Be Solved Successfully

An experienced investigator can resolve complex cases quite efficiently. Whether it is an obvious case or a complicated one, investigators need to follow certain processes in order to bring the suspects into custody. Some may follow unconventional methods that may or may not succeed. Study shows that tried and tested methods have always yielded good results. When you need to crack down a case, information is vital. Less or more information both holds the key. Even the minutest of information needs to be documented. Keep a diary and jot down points. Any information is good while solving complex cases.

Keep a timeline for yourself. If you don’t speed up, things may get out of reach. An evidence may cease to exist and you may never be able solve the case. Getting it right in the first place is important as it may open multiple avenues. You need to make sure you have substantial evidence to prove or break a suspect’s statement. Every little information will become a lead. You need to make sure you know everything about the victim and the suspect. Gather as much as information about the final days of the victim, their relatives, friends, habits and hobbies.

Things To Keep In Mind As You Crack A Case

There are a few things that might make a cold case to a solved case. It is important that you treat everything as evidence and follow all leads. At times , chances are that it may turn into a cold case abs take years to solve the murder. The first 48 hours are crucial and if you lose on that time it may take years or even decades. But perseverance is key. There are cases that were solved even after twenty years. A witness may turn hostile during the investigation and may suddenly yield by telling the truth after years.

How well you can keep tabs of all the suspects and witnesses is important. Today, technology has made major breakthroughs in cracking many crimes. DNA matching and fingerprinting are a part of investigation to arrive at evidence. Based on this an investigation officer can include or exclude a suspect.

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