News Sources And The Political Influence

In the current century and moving forward, it is quite easier to get any kind of news. A person is updated faster about a political situation or any current affair even before he sits in front of a TV or reads a newspaper. But there is always a question about the integrity of the news. How biased or fake the news is something we will have to wait and watch. Even if the news is from a newspaper or news channel or any other media, any news is susceptible to being biased.

Every political party has a strong marketing strategy. Owning a news channel or sponsoring a news channel is one important strategy where the political parties can create a platform to boost their propaganda. Such channels become favourable to one political party. This situation is quite crucial in getting the interest of the masses. Mass media reaches millions of people and biased news can change their political views. People will start believing in the blind ideologies and propaganda a biased news channel is showcasing.

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Biased and Unbiased News Sources

There are so many news media providing us with biased and unbiased news. Like for example, if you take the news sources in India, the Republic channel supports BJP and attacks Congress. India today supports Congress and attacks BJP. The CNN news supports the current government irrespective of the political party. This is only in the national front of India. In each state, every regional party has a political agenda that is infiltrated into people’s mind through the news media. It has become a necessity for any political party to have a news media to its side.

This trend may leave a dent in democracy. But, it is now in people’s hands to make or break this trend. Social media is a huge platform that gives a lot of opportunity to discuss and iron out matters that might have far reaching consequences.

A Few Best News Sources

Even when there is so much euphoria about paid news or biased content, there are few news media that upheld their values and do justice to their role as journalists or reporters. Some of the few media is discussed here. DD News or Doordharshan News is what many people think is quite unbiased, balanced and accurate news to its viewers. One of the newspapers mostly known for its reliable journalism is The Hindu. Their intuitive content has in-depth coverage that makes it more believable.

The Indian Express empowers readers to make their own stand on issues presenting an unbiased and comprehensive content. Their coverage is based on detailed analysis and study. The international news agency Reuters based at London is considered to be objective, unbiased and focus on what really happened. A few other unbiased news sources are WION, NDTV, Tentaran, Indiatimes, and Times of India. Finally, it is the mass in general who has all the right to believe or not to believe.

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