The right journalism requires money as well as time. Investigative Journalism that is synonymous with its in-depth research and meticulous investigation requires a great deal of time to finish. The result is the inadequate response of the media corporates towards this honest form of journalism, which not only consumes time but also incurs high production cost. The cost mostly involves the money spent on travelling and buying the right equipment. As the media top notches rely only upon the trusted journalists for investigative journalism, the budding reporters should have a platform to display their works. And, blogs are the answer to that.

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Blogs: Is it the right platform for budding journalists?

As mentioned above the growing reluctance to host the aspiring journalists’ work by the media corporations have increased the demand for the right platform to channelize their talent. The blogs serve the purpose of exposing the work to a much wider audience. The proper techniques to make your blog reach a maximum audience are as follows:

  • Create a captivating story and tweet the story in a single line
  • Capture only the relevant facts and write engagingly.
  • Let the readers empathize with what you write
  • Use simple language.
  • Supplement the writing with pictures and charts to make the content more engaging

Similarly, the other vital factor that is detrimental to your success is money. Once you are successful in creating highly engaging blog content and in diverting the internet traffic, thereby creating frequent, high-level news feeds. If there is enough traffic, a subscription fee can be charged, or the popularity can land you in advertisement deals for your blog. This completes the perfect business models for your journalistic works.

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