The Center for International Media Ethics (CIME) offers courses in journalism ethics with a focus in J-Ethinomics, combining Journalism, Ethics and Economics.

About J-Ethinomics: 5 ways ethics in journalism can boost readership – IJNet

We are offering the J-Ethinomics online course in an extended version of 10 days in order to ensure participants from remote areas in the world can complete all the assignments without difficulties and meet the requirements for J-Ethinomics certification.

As of Aug 2012, more than 80 journalists from around the world have been certified in J-Ethinomics.

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Next 10 day long online course starts 20 Aug, 2012.

For the occasion of the 2nd International Media Ethics Day on 21st September 2012, we are organising the J-Ethinomics course in compressed format (2 days). Please apply immediately as there are limited places available!


For journalists from non-OECD countries the J-Ethinomics training is free of charge

Journalists from OECD countries are requested to pay a modest $20 registration fee.

J-Ethinomics profits go exclusively toward funding Center for International Media Ethics CIME non-profit activities, to provide ethics training worldwide to journalists who could not otherwise afford it.

Please note that the course is only available in English at the moment and you need to have a good level of English in order to successfully complete the training.

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